People who are graduating in 2010...Also known as the first class to graduate at a year with two digits ^.^
Party hard, rock n roll cuz were the class you cant control guys are pimpin girls are fine were NOT the class of 2009! When 2007 is graduated and gone, 2008 will party on, 2009 will think they got class,but 2010 will always kick ass!

CLASS OF 2010!!! ^.^
by fjkghdljkfhsdfljk July 12, 2009
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Students who will be Seniors in the year 2010. Pronounced "Twenty-ten". Kick ass kids who know they are awesome and the Junior, Sophomores, and Freshmen are all jealous of them because they have lame class names like "Class of twenty-eleven, twenty-twelve, and twenty-thirteen".
Sophmore: Man that Class of 2010 is hella tight.

Junior: Dude, you are so lame. Watch out before one of them rings you!

Freshmen: *silent in terror*

Sophmore: We fail...

Junior: Epicly.
by SEN10R May 23, 2009
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A bunch of self-absorbed retards

The worst class to ever attempt to graduate
The class of 2010 is so fucked up man. They started drinking their first year of high school!
by Jake T. Williamson June 3, 2009
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