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A portmanteau of 'CoD' (the acronym for "Call of Duty") and 'conditioned'. It is the quality of being conditioned by Call of Duty, i.e. having methods and preferences that are influenced by Call of Duty to a point of being second-nature.
Examples include naturally recalling Call of Duty's control scheme and comparing other First Person Shooters' controls to Call of Duty's.
This phenomenon can affect any aspect of video games from graphics to gameplay features, and could even affect other genres of games. Major cases of being CoDitioned include Call of Duty influencing non-video game aspects of one's life.
I tried playing Halo after years of playing Call of Duty, but I kept chucking grenades when I just wanted to use my Battle Rifle scope. All those years have CoDitioned me!

I was running late for class, but I forgot to equip Marathon, so I kept losing my breath. I've been CoDitioned in real life!
by MikeCossack April 18, 2011
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