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A word used to describe someone who trips, falls, or hurts themselves a lot. Someone who is clumsy and uncoordinated.

For some reason, everyone seems to think this is a real word, tho googling shows no official definition.
That girl is so clutsy she trips over her own feet.

If I were anymore clutsy I'd have to wear pillows everywhere.

You know you're clutsy when you find bruises where you're not sure where you got them.
by Rin-kun February 14, 2011
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Slang / Lad's talk: A combination of two words, 'classy' and 'slut', to create a posh but 'up for it' girl. Generally considered complimentary.
Physically: Lucy Pinder

In a conversation:
Boy1 - "Did you see that hot posh girl in the club earlier!? She was all over me!"

Boy2- "Hell yeah i did! She was clutsy! Well done!"
by Logan Brooks September 23, 2011
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