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Club penguin island is a competitive multiplayer pvp video game. The plot is that nazi-terrorists are killing people one hostage at a time and it is your job a elite-delta-tatical-spec-ops-recon-counter-nazi-terrorist to stop them. In this game you are pitted against other players in 2v64 matches. It is game has many innovations compared to it's predecessor such as destructible environment, improved graphics, DLC, microtransactions, season pass and it's open world. This game comes with loot boxes that give you a 0.000000001% chance of getting the thing you want. If you buy the season pass you get the least popular DLC for three months and if you buy the premium-deluxe-platium-defintive-game of the year edition of the game you get the base game. If you pre-ordered the game you got DLC that should have been in the base game. This game has been highly regarded for it's tedious tasks that generate very little exp.
Memeulous:"Wagan bois and today we are playing Club penguin island with Ali-a."


by Typical2.0 October 10, 2018
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The newer and more animated "Club Penguin."
But it doesn't give the old nostalgia and is ONLY on phones.
by Xgeas April 03, 2017
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