Cloud Rap refers to a form of hip hop whose distinguishing features include dreamlike beats (which often use wordless vocal samples, where singers harmonize or hold long notes, to produce a majestic, dream like effect) and abstracted, sometimes deliberately absurd, lyrics that make little to no sense.
Samuel: I want a new form a hip hop that is like lo-fi but doesn’t sound as bad

Kyle: Just listen to some cloud rap, dude

Samuel: The hell is that?

Kyle: It’s the type of shit you’d hear while dreaming, or some shit
by Cozoo September 21, 2017
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A sub-genre of rap, defined as beats that have; "Heavy bass patterns over melotic and happy sounds with lyrics that compell and visualize moods upon self-sensations"

First discovered in 2016 by rapper LIL PERCY
Person 1: YOOOOOO... This shit got the whole crib shaking my nigga but what kind of rap is this bro??

Person 2: It's sensational cloud (rap) and it's tough AS A BITCH MANE
by percgod March 26, 2017
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