Any person seen as cool and hip by his/her peers but secretly enjoys doing nerdy things that "cool" people frown upon.
Person 1>Man, that guy is so freakin cool.
Person 2>He's a closet nerd, he plays D&D and MTG with my friends and me every weekend.
Person 1>No way...
by Conar101 November 11, 2005
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a person who dose not project nerdy qualities but still has them. the person is commonly an athlete most of the time they come out about there inner nerd when they are in college to there close friends and team mates.
college sports fan: hey great game! 3 tri's way to go!
college rugby player: thanks a lot!
later that day:
college rugby player: hey before we go get the kegs and shit for the party i want to watch return of the Jedi.
other college rugby player: alright bro, yo when are you going to come out about you inner nerd.
college rugby player: I don't know man its hard to be an in the closet nerd. i just don't know.
by Rocheman4280 July 18, 2013
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