Definition 1:To commit Suicide/ End your life

Definition 2: to End or Discontinue something
Person 1: You and Laiylah still date?

Person 2: Yeah I love her to death, but I know one thing for certain, if she leaves I’ll Close The Curtains
by Jaiylor May 24, 2020
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Closing the curtains is an action.

When you 'Close the Curtains' you are actually preparing to masturbate. You close the curtains to allow peace of mind that no one is looking at you pleasuring yourself with eyes closed in lust.

Masturbation Lust Curtains
*Someone comes in the door*

"Kim, why are the curtains closed on such a nice day?"
"Umm, I was closing the curtains to test their effectiveness"
"Okay Kim, okay"
by Carrotman1 November 20, 2014
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To turn up the volume on the tv, refering to volume signal that pops up on the screen that slides to the right. Opposite to open the curtain witch is to turn down the tv
Ice I can't hear the badgers close the curtain.
by Gordy Pugh March 30, 2006
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A radio show on WUMF 100.1 from 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM Tuesday mornings.
They tuned into Behind Closed Curtains to listen to some kick ass music.
by Eagle Ray February 8, 2009
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