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Cloos also applies to your theoretical "hacker status."

If you are at Cloos hacker status, you can hack into the pentagon without being tracked back.
Dude, you just achieved Cloos status!
HOLY FUCK! I just did!
by cool man salad April 03, 2004
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Cloos; Noun

Cloos Aka Cameron Loos
Other Aliases:
teh 1337 h4x0r

Hes one crazy Kid. He invented a wifi bullet that he soots into peoples spines to hack their brain. He writes his own CS hacks in notepad in javascript. Java, C++, and binary are his prime languanges he codes in. He thinks that they are all simple. Plus the fact that C++ is only a visual language and it wasnt used to make linux or any good OS.

He also hacked halo in 2 days. Took him just a day to hack altima online.
"Dude, Cloos is hecka cool."
"That is way too cloos."
"Cloos is such a h4xor!"
"You can never win when you play against cameron loos."
"Cloos, you can never lose."
by cool man salad January 28, 2004
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