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Condominiums on a massive scale flowing over hills and arroyos - same size, style, color, landscaping. Typically each condo is occupied by 2 adults, 2.3 children, 1 dog or cat and sometimes 1 rabbit. 2-car garage has 2 cars inside because the homeowner's association mandates no parking in the driveway or on the street. California has thousands of these unique housing units where neighbors don't know one another - and don't care.
In 1975, while traveling toward Riverside, California on Freeway 91, after having been away for several years, Patty and Gordie were amazed by the hundreds of clondominiums packed into the area known as the mouth of the Santa Ana Canyon. Clone + Condominium = Clondominium.
by Gordie Hayduk August 19, 2008
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