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A wide term used for software pre-installed on manufactured laptops and PCs for advertising.

Clogware may either be applications lying around on your hard drive doing nothing but sucking space or they may actively cause nuisance and high memory-usage (see: bloatware), commonly many of these applications have a process running at startup causing the OS startup to become way slower than it should be.

Some of these applications wont even be free and start creating popups about purchasing the full product after your trial has expired.

They may also leave deep traces in your computers registry and it takes abnormally long to uninstall any of these applications.
"They told me my laptop would have 500GB hard drive capacity, half of it is clogged with useless clogware and the other half is used by some backup app..."

"My 2 years old PC must have been filled pretty badly with clogware, when I decided to do a fresh installation of windows it became way faster than new.."
by Heathenrabbit October 09, 2014
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