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The art and science of clogging and overflooding a toilet. A Clog job can be done intentionally for fun as a prank, or can happen un-intentionally from overuse of paper or low water pressure in the restroom's plumbing.
When too much paper and waste is in the bowl, and the toilet is flushed repeatedly, the water will overfill the bowl and flood the bathroom. Panic and laughter follow closely thereafter.
"Whoa man!!... that was the best Clog Job of my life!!!
I took a HUGE dump and tossed in the entire roll of paper towels, and the entire bathroom flooded...LMAO!"
by Clog Job June 15, 2008
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The clogging of two person's anuses by standing back-to-back and shitting into one another untill the feces stiffens.
"Dang, Sue! I havent been able to use the bathroom ever sence that clog job last month!"
by Brett Elliott December 27, 2006
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