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A woman who after extensive attention takes forever to orgasm. This is likely caused from improper foreplay, she is being raped, she is dead, or you just don't do it for her.
Shit G, you need to give that girl some foreplay or her clitortoise will never come out its shell.
by MD65 July 20, 2006
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(kli-tor-tis), n 1. A feminine condition in which the clitoris is so recessed within it's housing that the act of trying to see and make contact with it similates trying to get a tortoise to poke its head out of its shell. This is the female equivalent of the males "hidden penis syndrome."
Hey, do you actually thing your clitortoise will ever come out? It's pretty frustrating never being able to please you.
by Kayajay86 September 27, 2007
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