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A close to perfect far out suburb of New York City. Has some historical charm including a bridge with waterfall under it and a river running right through it's very lovely downtown. Clinton is the name for both the town and township that surrounds it. Clinton also generally includes neighboring Union, Franklin and Bethlehem townships as well. It's 85% white as Mexicans working in restaurants and landscapers pop out babies at alarming rates and Asians hopefull to be honorary white's continue settling in.

Very nice little town tough and the people are somewhat friendly. I guess it would be ideal if you don't mind having to driving 35 minutes just to get to the mall. It's set amongst rolling hills and has good schools. If you have family coming in from let's say; Wisconsin and you live in New York City, when they start freaking out, take them to Clinton for god's sake.
Family member from Indiana: New York City is so crowded and diverse, I'm starting to hyperventilate.

Family Member from New York City: Hey honey grab the Audi keys, we're going to Clinton, NJ before cousin Amy start's fistulating.
by Corpswhore February 11, 2012
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