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Clinton Road is a 10-mile stretch of lonliness in west milford, New Jersey that is completely isolated from sane civilization. It's a poorly paved road surrounded by woods that I'd rather kill myself than enter. There's only like one car coming by every hour or two. People who've been down there claim to have seen witches, the KKK, and various ghosts.

Park Rangers are supposed to be stationed there to keep people from wandering into the woods, but nobody ever accepts the job (rightfully so).

There's an abandoned ironworks facility somewhere in the woods that is apparently now being used as a worship place for satanic cults, a bridge haunted by a ghost boy who drowned in the water near it, and a burned down mansion that is occupied by witches. Some even report that there's crazed cannibals deep in the woods, too.

Aside from the supernatural dangers and the looneys that inhabit the road, it's also very easy to crash your car because of the countless perilous curves that you have to take to get out of this shithole.

During the daytime it's ok, but the dead silence and feeling that you're being watched (which you most likely are) will make you want to tear your hair out. Come nighttime and you're doomed. It's pitch black. Anything could happen to you at nighttime.

Bottom line, don't ever fuck with Clinton Road. If you want to do something there that a white person would do in a horror movie, chances are it'll get you kidnapped by witches and tossed into a bonfire
Person 1: I'm going to do something dumb down at Clinton Road!

Person 2: Dude, that's suicide.

Person 1: *Car breaks down at night in the middle of the road and a circle of druids with torches begin to approach* Well I'm fucked.
by NindianaJones May 22, 2016
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A deserted and dangerous road located off Route 23 in West Milford, NJ. This place has become infamous due to the strange activity which occurs at night. This includes satanic cults, kkk gatherings, ghost sightings, and some kind of hell hound.
Beware, don't go on Clinton Road at night.
by Tony November 09, 2004
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