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1. A female or dog that literally physically holds onto you.

2. The worst case of a relationship or not actually a relationship 70% of the time. It starts off like any other relationship but the early symptoms are steep curve of attraction for the clinger so say they the subject female instantly wants a sexual relationship, they claim to love you, they quite literally fill your inbox or txt you at least 20 times a day up to 999 in severe cases though less is still subjected to extreme cases of anxiety, guilt and panic attacks, if your like me and already have anxiety you'll want to pay attention to the anti-clingy-female kit.

-Anti-anxiety agents like alcoholic beverages, xanax, etc. this will suppress your stress.
-Your cellphone carriers block number list
-Facebook privacy modifications
-Turn phone off in severe cases
Kill me now I just accidentally caught a clingy-female in the ocean of woman. Fuck...brb throwing phone into wall and downing half a bottle of k-pins.
by CTU_FieldAgent200 January 30, 2011
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