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A CliffNoteChristian is a person who believes they are a Christian yet judges others even though the gospel of Jesus Christ states this is not the right of man. "Cliff Note"refers to the publication often utlized by students to do book reports yet only contains segments or annotated versions of the actual book that they are writing about. A "Cliff Note" of a book gives you the main idea of the subject matter in a book and the names of characters yet does not cover details and intricate details which are required for you to understand the entire concept....

There are many versions of the Cliff Note Christian as many interpretations are derived from a summary instead of the full intended meaning.

In this regard, an example of a Cliff Note Christian would be someone who uses Jesus Christ's name under the guise of being a more worthy person due to their own sense of self worth and judgement when in fact Jesus himself stated the power of judging others was solely His as we are all sinners.

Cliff Note Christians only skim the surface of the Bible and feel too superior to capture the books actual meaning. A Cliff Note Christian would look down on the homeless and pray every night to Jesus the ultimate nomad. A Cliff Note Christian would read about Mary Magdelene to be the last to touch Jesus' feet, but would refer to a woman provactively dressed in society as a whore.

Cliff Note - To be holier than thou without getting the meaning of your own political stance
In Church today I heard gossip about what I was wearing when the Bible mandates people are to come as they are to enter heaven; I despise Cliff Note Christians!

Cliff Note Machismo - will lead a man to believe that it is demonstrative of male dominance and power to hit a woman when a real man's role is to protect and love women.

A Cliff Note Feminist is a woman who claims to seek the equality and empowerment of women yet will gossip and denegrate other women based on their appearance or societal enforced Madonna Whore complexes. For in actuality, most women would not be even be able to be feminist if it were not for courtesans and so called whores as that segment of the female population were the first allowed to read, write, and own land.
by KAFIROACH March 27, 2014
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