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Synonym of "worst computer ever made." Typically purchased by righteous Windows nerds who think that Macs are bad, but are so stuck in the last decade. They are part of the 9% minority of people who spend more than $1,000 on a computer other than a Mac. They don't know how to use computers, generally. But your average Clevo user also doesn't care about using a computer. Because if he did, he would not have gotten a Clevo.
Best Buy Employee: "There's this nice Mac, and a Toshiba on sale half molested by a Geek Squad employee for $4.00"
Customer: "I'm looking for something... shitter. Boxier. Heavier. I hate life, and I like to extend my hate of life out to my purchases."
Best Buy Employee: "Well we have this anal screwdriver, and a Clevo."*
Customer: "I'll take the worser one."
Best Buy Employee: "The Clevo it is!"
Best Buy Employee inserts Clevo into customer's asshole. Customer brings Clevo to checkout counter, shits out Clevo.
Cashier: "I see you bought a Clevo today. Would you like a warranty with that?"
Customer: "What IS the warranty?"
Cashier gets another computer from under desk.
Cashier: "It's a completely different computer. You just take that shit you dumped and you throw it away."
Customer: "No thanks. Also, cocks."

*Best Buy carries many models of anal screwdrivers see store for details.
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Clevo is a shortened form the term 'Cleveland steamer', but 'clevo' refers to the ancient chinese fast food commonly known as the steamed dimsum rather than the expected steaming turd that that has been laid on ones chest, the connection between the two being that steamed dimsums can sometimes smell a little bit turdish.
He took a bite only to find a cold hard centre before tossing the half cooked clevo onto the road.
by Tin can man May 20, 2009
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