Clevland Brown is the stereotypical black african american here in the U.S.A. as portrayed in the cartoon Family Guy he has a deep voice a great laugh, two kids and a wife (his wifes name is "LoRetta" and she says it with an attitude)

also if you were to call someone a Clevland Brown that would be the a more childish or immature equivalent of calling them a nigga'
for instance a mature way of saying it is "Yo! Mug Nigga' whats poppin?"
While an immature dude would say "Hey it's my Clevland Brown sup muh man"

or for the first definition, Peter Griffin of Family guy's neighbor accross the street who is one of his three drinking buddies (being Joe, Clevland, and Quagmire)
by Jer-Hey!!! March 12, 2010
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