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noun. A term given to a person, typically college-aged and one who flaunts bodily hair that resembles a Jewish bear, who partakes in intoxicating activities resulting in a claw like maneuver executed by the graceful swinging of an out-stretched downwards finger pendulum. This drunken, yet much sought after action, is aimed at only the most desirable member of the opposite sex, or same if you prefer (Clawnors are capable of swinging in many different aspects). Once a #Clawnor, always a #Clawnor.
Example 1: "Why didn't our friend go bowling with us tonight?"
"Oh, he was probably being a #Clawnor and preying on a new piece of ass."

Example 2: "Mommy, why does that man's hand smell funny?"
"Because he's a Clawnor, honey."
by Pretty Lady 69 January 19, 2012
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