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A really funny blonde-whitey-gangsta guy who uses the expression "FO 'SHO!" 9 out of 10 words he says. Claudio's usually prostitute themselves at night in order to survive. They do, however, enjoy prostitution more than anyone else in the world. If you happen to be wandering around the streets at night, and see a hot banging chick in a tight spandex outfit with high heels...check again! It might be a Claudio. They tend to love girls who are very musical, hit high notes and end up being his gym partners. Nonetheless, this does not stop them from having the hornball for ugly indian looking- weight-lifting gym trainers with a tight ass. Overall, Claudio's ROCK! :)
Dude 1: "Look man! that chick is banging!"
Dude 2: "Yeah man..lets call her over"
Dude 1: "How's it going foxy"
Claudio Altschiller: "Bitch, drop them cash before I blast ya ass FO 'SHO" (pulls a gun out, shoots both dudes and runs away with all the cash)
by fo shoooo October 11, 2010
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