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A classy woman who is very much a sex siren. Typically dresses stylish but outwardly conservative until you look closely. She will be coordinated and nicely accessorized head to toe. Typically wearing high heels, a skirt or dress just long enough to pass as acceptable for the corporate world, yet still demands a man's full attention. Her top will be unbuttoned one button too many and you are likely to catch a glance of a stocking top as she sits or exits a car. She knows men are looking and longing for her, but appears to care less as she goes about her business.
I was on a flight from LA to Vegas last week, this Classy Siren sat next to me on the flight. She crossed her legs revealing lace topped thigh highs and black garters, and then as she bent down to retrieve her laptop in flight I saw her matching black bra; what a Classy Siren!
by Sandybchs December 05, 2006
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