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Specifically from high schools or colleges, students are handed a packet and given a few weeks to choose a ring, stone, and designs that represent themselves the most. Usually very expensive, unless you're a rich bastard...
Student 1: Hey did you get a class ring?
Student 2: Yea, I got a 10 carat diamond stud on it too!
Professor: You rich bastard!
by fashionNuggt May 10, 2009
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The ring of shit around the head of ones dick after anal sex. As a ring around the finger is received after the completion of school. This ring around the head of the penis is received after anal sex.
i always keep some kind of tissue handy to wipe the class ring off my dick after Anal until I can wash it off .
by Poot there it is!!! December 14, 2016
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To wrap one's penis around a finger so it resembles a ring on a finger. Commonly used in the penis showing game.
Kirk tricked Bob into looking directly into his Class Ring. Resulting in Kirk being able to kick Bob's ass twice for being gay.
by John Netmuer November 26, 2005
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