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Of or relating to the antics of the great Jeremy Clarkson, prophet of the powerslide and mankind's savior against speed cameras, speed limits, nanny states, Korean cars, traffic cops, Piers Morgans, dull journalism, caravans, global warming nonsense, hybrids, and anything else preventing you from your right to do 120mph on public roads. Such antics include drifting, perfectly offensive comical taste, being very tall and sort of old and fat, falling down, catching on fire, exploding things, and yelling POWERRRRRR!!1!!!11 while doing all of the above. Top Gear is the primary producer of all things Clarksonesque.
He adopted a Clarksonesque attitude towards fixing his old car; He pulled out the biggest hammer he could find and beat the shit out of it
by WTF_raeG_poT May 26, 2011
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