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A group of girls/women gossiping or talking.
Yo, did you catch any of the clam chatter in the break room? Those chicks are way too loud...tmi.
by Original_Gax October 24, 2017
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loud vibrating air release from a womans vagina.
During intercourse my girls clam chatter woke my parents up with a loud "ppppppffffffff pppppfff pppfff pff!!!"

quief queef kweef
by BALLZ2DAWALLZ March 08, 2012
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When a woman is pounded so often and so hard her pussy chatters as she walks.
Joe: I swear the boss has clam chatter.
Doug: Is that what I hear when she walks down the hall?
Joe: yeah, I think it's because Paul's been pounding that several times a day.
Doug: wow! That old man can still put it out.
by Clamer September 03, 2017
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