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When a girl doesn't respond to your message for two or more weeks, and just as you are on the cusp of forgetting she exists, she messages you out of the blue.
guy1: Dude, I finally got a message back from Michelle, it's been 3 weeks!
guy2: You totally just got Claire'd, dawg.
by darealmvp1994 October 01, 2016
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when you find a very suspicious pair of panties in your laundry that are clearly not yours.
Jason opened up the dryer to find out he has just been claired!
by Kraft.jonathan December 21, 2008
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Getting Claired. Getting white-girl wasted at a corporate party, typically occurs in Royal Tunbridge Wells.
She was really getting claired last night!
by RTW89 March 26, 2016
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