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A guy that can be described with one word as loving. He'll do everything he can for the people he loves, and is always faithful and honest. He can sometimes be cheeky and enjoys a laugh with his mates, but is also very serious. He will be passionate about something whether it be music, sport, school, or his career. If you find a guy like Claedan, be sure to say hello.
Girl 1: omg. i was out last night, and i think i totally met a Claedan.

Girl 2: aww thats so cute. howd you know he was a claedan.
Girl 1: well i dropped my purse, and i didnt know. and he came up and gave it back, and then walked me home and he was so sweet.
Girl 2: Wow. I am so jealous.
by ifoundtheone! June 29, 2010
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