A joke lasting only a few days which was Killed by Conor O’mara on 22/02/2020. RIP CLAD
Wanna go clad ? No I don’t you fucking cretin
by Net124 February 21, 2020
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To be a clad is to be an utter legend
by Ankle breaker 24 November 5, 2018
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"Cladded" The act of cucking someone's wife, As a demon, and through universes.
"Sorry, Not sorry, Get Cladded."
by AtomskRoiyarti August 14, 2020
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One who adores Harry Potter, Anime, and Blondies. A rare species that can survive on Spaghetti with marinara and cheese or candy, the clads is often seen with a rifle, flag, or deathnote. The clads is very dangerous when aggressed, so don't cross her when you're in the jungle.
You: Look! It's a clads!

Your charming friend: Quick! Get a Tamaki!

The clads: >< grrrr

You and your charming friend: EEK! @_@ *throws Tamaki-sama*

The clads: mmmm ^_^ *contente growl*
by Nightmare Nikki November 23, 2006
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out of style. it is old.
that gurls weed is clad
by ryan1992 September 2, 2007
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Another way of saying too bad

It originated from an episode of "Even Stevens" when Louis' crazy uncle comes to town causing trouble.

The scene where the phrase "foo clad" takes place when Louis got into an argument with his dad because he was supposed to be washing the car but instead hung out with his crazy uncle.
Louis: Well too bad.
Steve: What did you say?
Louis: I said...foo...clad.
Steve: FOO CLAD!?
by Louis Stevens November 8, 2008
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