A movement during the 50s and 60s that involved the pursuance of equal treatment of blacks and whites in America. Blacks of the time period desired economic success and social acceptance among whites.

The irony is that these qualities are looked down upon by modern-day blacks, who view intelligence, wealth, success, and the ability to speak correct english as treason to their race. These very ideals that Dr. King and many others gave his life for are hated by modern-day blacks.
1960s Civil Rights Movement:

Black 1: I wish I could get a good education, get a good job, become successful, and be accepted by society.
Black 2: I hear you, man. It's what we all want and are fighting so hard for.


Black 1: Fuck school, nigga. Who need edumucation anyway?
Black 2: Yeah, fuck wanting to get a job too. We ain't need no money. That a white thing, yo.
Black 3: Well, actually, I would like to become successful and become a productive member of society.
Black 4: Drop dem Nikes before I blast ya, mothafucka!
by Truthtellerrrr February 8, 2007
A Movement that seeks civil rights for Pedophiles and to promote as a lifestyle choice just like any other lifestyle choice like being gay or straight.

pedophile,teen sex club,kid lover,age of consent reform movement,adultphile
He's in the Pedophile Civil Rights Movement.
by judge dredd7 August 22, 2013
A movement that seeks the legal right to suicide. They do not promote it but think people should have that option.
by The Fury 13 October 28, 2010
a movement that seeks to make sex between adults and teens and preteens etc. legal and uses the media to promote acceptance of pedaphiles and there life style.
by The Fury 13 December 13, 2010