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A little known phrase relating to lazy men who endeavour to undertake no work whatsoever unless it is to do with a Honda Civic.

General everyday tasks are treated as huge challenges and then celebrated profusely, usually with cannabis joints.

However, if work is required on the Civic auto mobile, hell and high water is moved to accomplish goals.

Malnutrition is often associated with those in a Civic Partnership as the subject cannot afford to eat properly due to the over exasperated running costs attributed to maintaining the Civic. Premium grade fuel is often bought using various methods of financial credit to ensure that the car does not suffer from a lack of octane and low down power.

Civic partnership is often characterised by compulsive behaviour relating to the cleanliness and upkeep of the vehicle, however, personal hygiene standards often suffer as the user often only has enough time to bathe, clean and eat poorly as car maintenance dictates personal schedules.

One suffering from Civic Partnership can often be witnessed to sit in a vehicle, sometimes for up to 15 minutes after a journey has ceased. This is to ensure all is in perfect working order before the carriage is exited. Wing mirrors are folded in, all dials and switches are returned to the off position and any crumbs removed and consumed.

Those suffering from the ailment are very hostile when challenged about the condition, so please be careful when approaching the subject.
Q: So is he (the subject) cooking a slap up dinner tonight then?

A: No mate, strictly pasta and pesto as he's suffering from Civic Partnership.

Q:So is he off to spend that money on some nice new clothes then?

A: No, just to buy a t shirt from ASDA. His Civic Partnership is really taking hold now, he cant buy anything other than hi octane petrol and its driving him to bankruptcy!

Q. Did he take that nice girl out for a meal then?

A: Nah, he bought a new air filter because of his Civic Partnership.
by Schitsophrenic Lazybones November 26, 2010
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