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The common definition for people who stand around outside City Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland - A more dilute version of what one might consider a 'goth', except much more repugnant.
Cityhallians are well renowned for their terrible tastes, particularly in music (which mainly consists of long forgotten metal bands that should have been left alone to die in the back of peoples minds, or the more fashionably newer ‘nu-metal’ bands, which should have died from the word go).

On the rare occasions they actually leave City Hall, Cityhallians are easy to spot. A sombre, angsty expression and black t-shirt proclaiming an apparent love of some hideously awful band are common features on most, but some optional characteristics might include black eyeliner smudged down the cheek to give the impression that life is so bad it often drives them to tears, spiky leather neck/wristbands and particularly on the girls, anything made of ripped black fishnet. For examples of cityhallians outside their natural habitat, see Fresh Garbage, or on the odd occasion, Stiletto.

Claiming that such a generic look helps express individuality, cityhallians are surprisingly feared by the general local populace, but, of course, unnecessarily. While large leather boots and pierced… everythings… may give the impression to some that this lot of mangy creatures are actually capable of violence, they are generally quite timid, and lack the necessary intelligence and basic motor skills to actually walk around (usually seen on a windy day when the forces of nature are the only thing affecting their movement), let alone clench a fist or form a coherent insulting remark.

Cityhallians are usually in the age range of 12-16. According to research however, the cityhallian mentality can linger inside a host for up to 500 years, feeding initially off their teenage depression, and eventually, their general sense of decency.
by Andy January 11, 2005
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