That moment when you get your carpenter buddy to give you a circumcision with a circular saw and then uses your foreskin to warm his cold dead fingers.
Oh yeah did you see that guy john? he gave me a circular saw yesterday if you know what i mean.
What a fucking lad
by Yaboieatdatpussy October 19, 2020
A shredding device through which you run those pesky weekly recycled-paper ad-flyers dat you get in da mail.
Da term "circular saw" could also refer to da status of your awareness of said annoying junk-mail --- i.e., you already "saw" said "circulars", and checked to be sure dat there is indeed nothing in dem dat interests or applies to you --- prior to your running dem through your "Watergate 2001" confetti-maker.
by QuacksO May 21, 2022