A large, gay dance party, something like a gay version of a rave, but with a gay-oriented music selection (usually pop, progressive house, and tribal). Events are well-promoted, publicized, advertised and organized, are often attended by thousands, can be big charity fundraisers, and are usually expensive to attend.

Since each circuit party occurs on a specific weekend and in a specific city once a year, and there are many parties on "the circuit", travel and planning are required. Travelling from party to party becomes part of a circuit boy's lifestyle of travel, networking and partying.

Some examples of circuit parties: White Party in Palm springs (April), Black Party in New York (March), the Black and Blue Ball in Montreal (October), the Blue Ball in Philadelphia (January).

These are often all-night and multi-day events, and party drugs such as ecstasy, GHB, ketamine and crystal are frequently taken by partygoers.
It's only August, but circuit boy Dave can't wait! He has already booked his hotel for his favorite circuit party, White Party Palm springs next April.
by djenning90 May 19, 2010
A place for drugs and unprotected sex among barely functional adult man-children who make sane, well adjusted gays look bad. They have 6 hour skin routines but do not own a mattress or a trash can because they are never in the city they work in and have not worked more than 4 days in a single month in 6 years.

Doubles as a log cabin republican getaway.
Ethan M.: "Next week we're traveling to white party to do coke, X, G, Tina, bath salts, and assorted neurotoxins."

Ethan S.: "Wow, sounds great. Ethan J. and I just came back from purple party. We went there right after Ski Week during COVID lockdown"

Ethan J.: "Yeah it was great but we saw a lot of poors, fats, and Asians on our way to pick up our anabolic steroids and get our Gorillapox vaccines. Sadly Ethan H. died of meningitis in the middle of the last week's Tea Dance. Or maybe that was Ethan D. Ethan H. might have overdosed on Fentanyl. I can't remember I'm coming down off a high right now."

Ethan W.: "Wow, I can't wait for my first circuit party so much! I can't wait to become just like you guys."

Ethan M.: "Here, take this unlabeled syringe and you'll be on your way!"
by Interwebtrololol August 27, 2022
A series (usually several days and nights in a row) of large predominantly gay rave events that are well publicized and frequented by middle-class gay white men.
The White Party, one of the first circuit parties, usually starts on Monday, and lasts until the following Monday.

He was so sketchy at the circuit party.
by CircuitDaddy February 5, 2004
(SIR cut PAR tee) noun. any number of a series of events that can be held around world generally catering to butch looking young gay men and fag hags that consists of dancing mindlessly until dawn to disco music after injesting K, ex and/or methamphetamine
Ted: Hey. I got my invitation to the circuit party the other day, wanna go?
Tod: I don't have anything butch enough to wear and I'm all out of (drug of choice or availability).
Ted: I'm out of (drug of choice or availability) too. Let's call that fag hag Sue.
Tod: Great idea Ted! That bitch always has (drug of choice or availability).
by Nedd Ludd September 17, 2005