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A bevy of gentleman get together for an evening of frivolity and begin by getting drunk. Then they place a towel on the floor and gather round in a circle, their naked bodies glistening with oil.
Then they all begin to masturbate as furiously as they can, spraying their load in a partial circle onto the towel.
If all goes well, the men will have created a perfect circle of seed which one man, designated as Sméagol will grab the towel and run around the house naked screaming "MY PRECIOUS MY PRECIOUS!" it's then up to the other men to chase down the oiled and aroused gollum, seize the towel of seed and cast it into the fireplace where its powers are consumed and can never be used for evil again.

Credit goes to Chapmanfan
This thread is such a circle jerk, a Circle of Sauron even.
by Definethisforme March 14, 2011
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