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Cindy Le is a gorgeous young girl who will forever change your life. She's stunningly beautiful and has a great sense of humor.

When you talk to her, her voice is as soft as an angel's harp.

Although she'll tease you a lot, you'll find a way to still smile through it all.
Bobby:Hey isn't that Cindy Le?
Van:No stupid, that's an angel.
Bobby:That's what I meant!

Oh my gah, I wish I was Cindy Le. I'm so jealous of her, she's so gorgeous.

by LittleF00t September 07, 2008
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An Asian person, most likely female and is Vietnamese, that appears to be like any other average Asian person.
John: "Hey look, it's Cindy Le!"
Adam: "Oh, you mean that Asian person?"
by vietxbaby January 24, 2009
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