The unfortunate, yet accurate nickname given to the (once beloved) Queen City NFL team, the Cincinnati Bengals.

Websters dictionary defines the word bungle as a verb that means to botch or mishandle.
With the score 7-6 and the ball on the Broncos own 13-yard line and 28 seconds on the clock, Broncos quarterback attempted a pass to Brandon Marshall that was deflected by Leon Hall and caught by Brandon Stokley, who took it 87 yards for the score after running along the goalline to burn additional time off the clock. Yep, the Cincinnati Bungles did it again.
by hmrice859 September 16, 2009
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A term for the Bengals' teams of the 1990s who had many consecutive losing and non-playoff seasons and a number of first-round draft busts. Originally said by Steelers broadcasting legend Myron Cope.
Who remembers the "famous" Cincinnati Bungles like David Klinger and Ki-Jana Carter?
by StoogeWatcher March 21, 2011
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