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"Cigarette Etiquette"

The customary code of polite behaviour in society among smokers, with particular regard to cigarettes.

- Offering a cigarette or lighter without being asked
- Passing an ashtray to a fellow smoker
- Properly extinguishing a cigarette to prevent a smouldering ashtray
- Being generous with tobacco and accessories regardless of payment offers

- Offering to pay when asking for a cigarette

- Leaving the last cigarette for the owner of the packet
- Respecting the lucky cigarette
- Respecting the space of non-smokers
"Hey, that's my last dart, where's your Cigarettiquette?"
"Dead guy Bryan doesn't take Cynthia's last smoke because he observes good Cigarettiquette"
by Maltese Farrell September 21, 2017
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The series of (often) unspoken social rules shared by smokers.
"Dude, don't you know you shouldn't go onto a crowded dance floor with a lit cigarette? That's really bad cigarettiquette."
by Michael Lark July 16, 2007
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