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Cierrah is a courageous girl, she is someone who is always there for you, she is a great person in general. Cierrah is a beauty from the compared, is a hilarious person, a really fun person to be around, an incredible athlete, a smart clever intelligence takes upon her. Cierrah gives great advise as well. She is very friendly and will be the best person to be with! She is and embrasive, brave, weird, fun loving girl. She is kind and loyal and always conpletley honest to anyone and everyone! This also includes another side wich is a sensitive and sassy way to her! Anyone is lucky to have her in their life!
Person 1: Who is that outrageous freaking girl?
Person 2: Wait! You're telling me you don't know who that is it must be Cierrah
by TRUTH_Is REAL January 11, 2014
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A true beauty, she is the the SUN and warms up the world..SHE is SMART, TALL, FUNNY, WITTY, CREATIVE, TALENTED, COMPASSIONATE, SENSITIVE, and absolutely GORGEOUS! Did you see that tall beautiful slim girl? She must be a Cierrah
Beautiful Cierrah
by MI-MI-P February 04, 2010
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