An obnoxious and/or rambunctious individual that prides themselves in being uneducated and/or low class. (Ratchet individual)
“Look at that chusma trying to get up in that club in flip-flops. What a joke!”
by Noodlestherider May 1, 2022
Whore, Slut, Skank..Vulgar word in the "Cuban" spanish Language.
Eres una chusma.'re a whore,slut,skank,etc.
by Gabb11 January 7, 2008
A word used to describe someone's crush without their concern.
James: so my chusma came to school today and she completely ignored me.
George: what a bitch

James: ikr.
by Theodore _0 February 5, 2018
That bamma Raymond is such a chusma I don't even know why anyone likes him.
by fuckhead699 January 19, 2011