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A phrase that can be used in any conversation, when something surprises you or when an idea is presented to you as a joke or you take it as a joke. Often used as "Chuuurrrmmm" with a long pronunciation exaggerating the word.
Example 1
Person 1: "Dude I was about to bang this chick last night but she turned out to be a guy."
Person 2: "Churm"

Example 2
Person 1: "My girlfriend thanked me for the flowers that she got at work for her birthday."
Person 2: "Nice, what kind did you get her?"
Person 1: "They weren't from me, I forgot it was her birthday."
Person 2: "Churm"
by regulate831 March 30, 2015
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Yo, I got them churm guts from that fish last night.
by Ihned August 24, 2016
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