Chunk out, to chunk out is to bust a fat nut really fast.
Guy 1: Hey where are you?
Guy 2: Just Chunking out in the market.
Guy 1: Oh, cool I'll join you!
by CT_Moonman March 2, 2019
1- Getting rid of someone
2- Take someone out
3- Pop someone

All the definitions are similiar but together they make the meaning clear than one could alone
A: Did you chunk out that cat "X" yet?
B: Nah man, we're gonna do it after sunset
by M_A_C_R_O July 15, 2019
Verb; The action in which a reasonably hot female that you haven't seen for a while has since gained weight and become rather lardy
Person 1:"Who the fuck is that porker over there?"
Person 2:"Oh that's the girl you used to sit next to in math's class"
Person 1:"Thats her?! she used to be so sexy but now she's chunked out she's rather repulsive"
Person 2:"not that you ever had the chance you stupid fat virgin"
Person 1: :(
by YONGAS February 10, 2012
incredibly drunk
"you look chunked out of your bean"
by Estradasphere January 17, 2023