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This exclamation has two major uses:

1) Whilst feeling hungover, on the come-down, or in any situation that arouses a feeling similar to having a pig shit inside your skull, this exclamation may be muttered or yelled, in order to relieve some stress.

2) It may also be used as an jovial insult at someone in such a situation as described above.
1) A man naked and alone at T in the Park arises from his tent, looks at the surrounding landscape, and then raises his eyes to the heavens. After a pregnant pause he exclaims: 'I've lost ma mates, ma clothes, all ma money, and ma self-respect .... CHUNDERBAWS!!!!!'

2) A young banker trips up whilst walking down the street and lands in a heefty pile of pig shite; a verbose passerby yells: 'CHUNDERBAWS!!!!!'
by Brigid 'Chunders' Daily September 11, 2009
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