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Much like the word "Chump", a chumpanzee is simply person who is being a chump. Chumpanzee can be used specifically to avoid the repetition

of using chump.
Guy 1: "Hey man, I don't think I'm gonna go out tonight."
Guy 2: "Lame, quit being a chumpanzee"
by dontcontactme February 23, 2014
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A Chumpanzee is an animal that is almost identical to a chimpanzee is every way except personality and intelligence. Basically it is a chimpanzee that is stupid, ugly, retarded and is a wimp that gets bullied by koalas and sometime butt raped by sloths.
We went to the zoo yesterday but it was complete rubbish. All the animals were asleep except for two koala that were butt raping the shit out of some fat ass Chumpanzee and the whole time the Chumpanzee just whined a little bit but kept eating the crusty mcnuggets we had throw at him. He was in a safe place until we knocked him down with the nuggets and then a sloth got in his hiding place and would not let him escape. I kinda felt bad for the poor guy but only for a few seconds. After that we just made fun of him and videoed it for the zoo giftshop.
by saharadryhumor January 23, 2015
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