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1. A long and skinny dooflagangahoogly.
2. An insult
3. A Turkish guitar
4. Any one of the Chumbus brothers
1. "Dude, my chumbus is hurting. It can't fit in my pants."
2. Dave: "Hurry up! You're late!"

Jim: "I had homework to do you chumbus."
3. Egidio Limsihansen plays the chumbus.
4. The Chumbus flew off of the trapeze, stripped off his clothes, and fellated himself.
by Shafalabaz March 26, 2012
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Someone is a Chumbus when they are chummy with their friend but behind closed doors they bust a nut on his girlfriend's face.
Want to hang with Mark?

Don't you know? That dude is a Chumbus to you!
by chumbus123 May 04, 2017
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