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Means wild, crazy, or over the top, particularly used to describe a wild or intoxicated individual; also used to describe a non intoxicated person who is particularly wild or crazy - in reference to Robin Williams Character when he comes out from the game

In a reference to the Robin Williams movie Jumanji.
Chu is referenced as to the word you as in the urban slang using the ch- to replace the you (u) sound in sentences (Chu-crazy; Chu alright?) Referenced as choo on urban dictionary (replaced the -oo with the -u for the purpose of the movie reference; therefore Chu-Manji is an urban slang version of jumanji the game from the movie.

This term shows particular reference to the jungle scene in the movie where the animals stampede out of the house.
You went Chumanji on us!
You rolled the dice last night, and went Chumanji
Chumanji! (in reference to the movie's classic line)
by Powalski09 January 12, 2011
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