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A synonym for Chula Vista (East Lake/Otay Ranch) and La Jolla, Ca (San Diego, CA). An urban & native term for San Diegans who are well versed with local economic/real estate values and understand the cojoin of city names. Downtown Chula Vista, CA (91910) resides: South of the State Route(SR) 54, East of the Interstate(I) 5, and West of the I805. It's newly developed Easterly cities (1990s to present) are Otay Ranch and East Lake, CA (91911-15) with some of the highest real estate values starting at U$10 Millions. Considered as Chula Vista, CA these cities are predominately close to the newly built (2007) Southbay Expressway (toll road) SR125. Geographically located by highways: South of the SR54, West/East of the SR125, North of the SR905, and East of the I805.

Like Otay Ranch & East Lake, La Jolla, CA is an affluent town and considered San Diego, CA (Northerly of Downtown San Diego, Ca), and predominately close to the West side of the SR52 & I5 highways. Geographically located by highways: west of SR52, West of I5, north of Pacific Beach, and a few miles south of where the start of Torrey Pines' SR21. There are La Jolla, La Jolla Shores, and La Jolla Village. Some of these properties are in the high U$10 million range with gorgeous ocean and panoramic views. Think of this as a hidden residence: high class, gated communities, but again (no offense to those residents) can house some snobby/elitist/narcistic people who live there too.
East Lake and Otay Ranch, like La Jolla, are cities typically occupied by the higher class, and to use the slang term "Chula Jolla" cojoins them to distinguish a domicile apart from Chula Vista. Especially for a native San Diegan/Chula Vistan, a native lower/middle class can use the term as a slight/light joke "...oh you mean you are from Chula Jolla (East Lake/Otay Ranch) " and raise your nose in the air with your index finger" if that resident seemed to be arrogant/elitist/narcistic. To be taken as a light joke only.
by Ramon Ramon December 18, 2013
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