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Main Entry: Chuff·ter pup·pet

Pronunciation: \ˈchaf-tər\ \ˈpə-pət\
Function: noun
Etymology: alteration of Latin chufftious and Middle English popet youth, doll, from Middle French poupette, Date: 14th century

1 : The person on the receiving end of a clenched fist into the anal canal from a loved one or friend; specifically : refered to as the Chuffter Puppeteer or doer

Chuff·ter pup·pe·teer
Pronunciation: \ˈchaf-tər\\ˌpə-pə-ˈtir\
Function: noun
Date: circa 1923
: one who manipulates Chuffter puppets
Look at the way the person is walking, I bet he was somebody's "Chuffter puppet" last night!
by Sokin' annoyed May 23, 2010
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