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Someone that loves loves LOVES Converse All Stars shoes. The widely used nickname for a pair of Converse is Chucks, shortened from Chuck Taylor. Thus, they are a Chucklover.
Benny: I like your kicks, dood.
Baker: You know why I love Chucks so much? Because everyone wears them and they're still respected. They're like the Rolling Stones of sneakers. Or the Scarface of sneakers. Skaters wear them, Cholos wear them, thugs, taggers, rappers, punks, metal heads, graf writers, hipsters, nerdists, hippies, yuppies, celebrities, artists, gangbangers...
Benny: Dooood, I get it... they're widely respected.
Baker: Another reason I love Chucks is that they're immortal. Like vampires. They have stayed the same since their inception; for almost a hundred years, and they still look the same now. And in another hundred years they still won't change. When humans start colonizing on other planets... they'll be wearing Chucks just like ours.
Benny: Doooood. You are a...motherfucking... Chucklover.
by PDXJohnny99 May 23, 2013
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