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While having anal sex grab your partner's hair like reins, slap them on her back and scream hey-yahhhh!!
He rode her like a chuck wagon on the Pecos Trail.
by Lanzar Spootamer September 23, 2007
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When in the midst of sexual intercourse from behind the girl poops on the dudes dick.
Man I got chuckwagoned last night and had to buy new sheets.
I hope I don't get a chuckwagon again I have been cleaning poop out of my pubes for days.
by ballydude May 11, 2009
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The chuck wagon carries the things needed for cooking and eating, and it also caried the supplies and equipment that the wheelers weren't able to carry on their rigs. In this way the chuck wagon freed the wheelers to go have fun without the burden of carrying extra gear on their rigs.
Hey Y'all... Ryan's here with The Chuck Wagon, Lets get some grub and chow down!
by Cookie April 16, 2004
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Chuck Liddell's fanbase, consisting almost entirely of bandwagon fans because of his now relinquished position at the top of the Light Heavyweight division of the UFC.
"Look at those fags jumping on the Chuckwagon!"
by Helene T May 25, 2008
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mystery meat/"meat"/meat? typically served at school cafeterias
Student A: What's on that lunch line?
Student B: They trot out the ol' chuck wagon again.
Student A: What's even in that shit?
Student B: I don't even know... but I think I'm going for the salad bar.
by The Resident Pirate January 13, 2008
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An art form. The act of farting in one location and then dragging it down range with complete innocence. Similar to crop dusting which is done in an office setting.

To tow a fart along and act like you didnt do it.

A Phantom farter.
Damn Joe, who did the chuck wagon down the hallway?
by Ken Gman February 21, 2008
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Farting in bed, then immediately pulling the sheet over your partner's head - like a covered wagon.
My girl's pissed at me because I gave her a chuckwagon last night
by Dave Atik April 14, 2003
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