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Breasts that are only fat or a result of being fat; when a woman's clavicle and/or collar bone aren't defined but she has a full chest; a woman has chubcakes when you can't tell where her shoulders ends and her boobs begin.
Jessica Simpson's chubcakes look like my fat uncle's ass crack.
by KeshiaC1123 February 11, 2011
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Part of the skinny white boys with wavy dark hair category, the 'Chubcakes' is often racist, sexist, and everything-else-ist. He gets away with this tomfoolery because he is also what people call 'Adorablecakes'. Fluent in making the orange sound, he is able to adorable-fy girls everywhere.
Some Chubcakes also come with a cane accessory.
Random Girl: "Did you hear that guy? He just told me to get back into the kitchen!"
Other Girl: "What a Chubcakes!"
by I wonder who I am chubs? December 06, 2008
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