A kinky scottish horn dog, with the sexyest accent in the world, who likes rubber and school girl uniforms, and wants to do me in a confession booth!
"Chroma, Ill go anytime, anywhere as long as you bring the ropes and whips ;D"
by Liziwizi July 7, 2004
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The cum skin you unlock by the secret achievement.
“Joe, you got the chroma cum skin?” “Yeah, it’s pretty rare, I’ve heard.”
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Not wanting to be identified by skin color.
It is offensive to identify one by the color of their skin; therefore I identify as chroma neutral
by Happy.Monkey June 11, 2021
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Chroma is someone who is a chaotic person, and will cry at anything most of the time. He is confirmed to be in fact Bisexual, and will do all in his power to destroy a certain person named Flux, or Kaido.
Chroma is just... Someone who freaks out most of the time. Even over small things. He also wants to beat up Flux.
by ChromaSSSSS June 11, 2022
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1. the purity of a color, or its freedom from white or gray.
2. intensity of distinctive hue; saturation of a color.
bright yellow has an intense chroma
by Lio messi legend April 14, 2022
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the chroma 2 case is a case in csgo that you think you will case a knife but u just get shite all the time
by fuckingfuckgead December 2, 2020
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